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Sync is a leadership development programme about leading with a difference. We are funded in 2011/12 by Arts Council England, following three years of funding from the Cultural Leadership Programme.

Sync focuses on the interplay between leadership and disability, and is relevant to all leadership providers. It provides fresh perspectives and also challenges deep seated thinking about what we all can achieve in the cultural landscape.

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Sync has had over 6500 unique visitors to our website in the last year - here there is an interesting rhythm that has fired other people's imagination, not just disabled people. Our unique coaching approach and our holistic delivery of access is of note to many people who have explored how we work.

Have a look round and see what you think. Use this site to find out more about the diverse range of people and perspectives held in Sync and to look at the stuff we have on leadership and coaching - both in theory & practice.

You can also click into our Sync Thinking resources from our final reflective event under the Cultural Leadership Programme.

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