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21st Century Band

21st Century Band

The 21st Century Band, formerly the Michael Cannon Band is a six-piece Soft Rock/Blues outfit of skilled musicians with attitude. Formed in 1994 by singer, Actor and front-man Tommy (Michael) Cannon, the band consists of Sounds of Progress musicians who write and perform their own music.

Since its formation in the 90’s, the band have gone from strength to strength, performing nationally and internationally to great acclaim. Gigs include two international tours (Romania in 1999 and Israel in 2005), and numerous Scottish performances at such venues as the Glasgow Concert Hall and George Square. In 2006, the band performed for the Glasgow Special Olympics and in 2007 at Glasgow’s Mela Festival in Kelvingrove Park.

The band also featured, along with SOP Rock artists the Superheroes, as the headline act for Helensburgh’s Springfest in March 2007, culminating in a concert at the Commodore Hotel.

Their debut album, Scheme, features an eclectic mix of tracks, ranging from ballads to up-beat songs, making crafty digs at the establishment along the way.

The band are currently working on a collection of new songs for their latest album, to be recorded as part of SOP’s Limelight Project.