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Anna Wallbank

Anna Wallbank

Creative Director, Theatre Resource

What makes a good leader?

Someone who gives space for the others they lead to push forward to see the agenda/issues/projects and goals as theirs – sharing ownership. A good leader should have a clarity of vision that is well communicated to others. They champion an idea and a vision whether it’s a project or an organisation, they install commitment from others to forward it. They work with that team to inspire, and grow them. They plan and allow for those who will succeed them.

Is leadership different for disabled people?

Yes, I guess it is. If you are lucky the experience of exclusion can make one a fighter.

Do you think there are barriers to leadership for disabled people that non-disabled people don’t face?

Practical barriers of course – access – plus:

  • Perceiving support as weakness
  • Being identified by ones disability
  • Ghettoism of disability
  • Assumption people will make about your background, education, etc
  • Having to counter others unsureness
  • Having to explain ones needs takes time and energy