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William Wardlaw Rogers

William Wardlaw Rogers

Company Director – True Story

What makes a good leader?

A good leader realises the capacity to know which decisions to direct attention to, which result to take and when they should not be leader.

Everyone I have met that has life demonstrates leadership. They have certainty and listen to internal guidance in an uncertain world despite moments where external guidance is absent.

Is leadership different for disabled people?

Impairment or health issues often create conditions where external guidance is either withheld through the other parties disbelief that the potential leader can be anything more than they are OR the potential leader can be smothered with the un-requested and unnecessary leadership of others. Dependence, interdependence and independence are related to the concept of leadership.

An individual’s vision of themselves is formed by their perception. Their perception is held by where they have and are forced/allowed to apply attention. Exclusion and involvement are the parameters by which an individual is permitted to view sections of the inclusion and holistic reality - to peer around the corner you are not permitted to, is the challenge and risk of leadership.

Do you think there are barriers to leadership for disabled people that non disabled people don’t face?

Barriers to leadership are the very hurdles that flex the muscles towards becoming a leader. I have found greater potency in the stride of challenged leaders than that of those who are delivered the role through privilege or the effort of others.