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Peter Street

Peter Street

What makes a good leader?

Someone who can stand up, be counted and for them to take the lead in all the challenges that appear.

Is leadership different for disabled people?

No, I don't think it changes you. If anything it makes you more determined because you know what is really happening - and who ever may try to run us over and insist that our opinions are not worth much because we are disabled - well that's bollocks - they try, they keep trying. It is up to us to block them, that is our job - we have not to be taken over - they would love to do that to be in charge of a load of cripples. They would probably like to put us in a darkened room until we are better - but we can't get better, we are disabled, that is our culture!

Do disabled people experience barriers to leadership that non disabled people don’t experience?

All the time, with everywhere you go. Even in some case of the application filling, it is beyond me because one of my disabilities is dyscalculia. When I asked an arts funder for help they told me to go to a lecture for people with dyslexia. They think they know best. Because they may know one disabled person, they think we are all the same. I have been fighting against it for twenty-five years as a professional poet with four books of poetry behind me. It not changed. We are still patronised.