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Shanta Everington

Shanta Everington


What makes a good leader?

For me, a good leader is someone who inspires and motivates others, someone who facilitates the learning and development of others, as opposed to someone who rules others.

'Leadership' is a loaded word and deep down, I suppose I'm uncomfortable with the concept of leadership because of the implicit hierarchy. Everyone has the potential to inspire and facilitate, don't they? Why set some people above others?

But sadly, without responsible leaders, there's a danger of a Lord of The Flies type situation developing. Leadership is so open to abuse and exploitation.

Do disabled people experience barriers to leadership that non disabled people don’t experience?

Disabled people can be seen as great leaders of other disabled people, but to have a disabled person leading the masses... If you are disabled, you can be seen as 'other', relevant only to people 'of your own kind'. Disability is still seen as a weakness by society, an 'incapacity'. You're not supposed to be able to work, let alone lead!