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Deepa Shastri

Deepa Shastri

Audience Liaison Officer / STAGETEXT & See a Voice

What makes a good leader?

A good leader is a person who listens, makes difficult decisions, tries to be as fair as possible, takes on responsibility for their decisions, has charisma and wins the hearts and minds of their fellow colleagues. They delegate responsibility to their staff, develop the skills of those around them, are well organised and are a good communicator.

Gandhi was a great leader. He didn't have to use money to win people. It was his belief in the people, resilience, strength and ability to be articulate that won people's hearts and minds. Also he certainly practiced what he preached. There is nothing more effective than that.

Is leadership different for disabled people?

I think with any form of impairment it enables the person to be a little more understanding and tolerant and enables them to have more empathy with the other people's perspective.

Being denied to the same rights or opportunities as any non-disabled person just ignites a determination to combat barriers and a desire to make lives easier for others. This, in a way, makes people a leader in their own way.