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Sync Thoughts!

Monday 14th March, 2011

photo of the audience at Sync thinking with Simon McKeown in the foreground

Just some quick feedback on our event last week, Sync Thinking. We'll leave it to others to explain how they found the day and Sync's impact (watch this space for more formalised feedback soon):

'Very enjoyable and thought provoking day. Lovely to see how many people's lives it has influenced. Sync is undertaking a crucial role..."

What difference do you think Sync has made? "Hugely significant inspiration, role models, networks, particular learning for mainstream/non-disabled leaders to take note of - specifically with regards to genuine collaboration..."

"I think there's been a focus on learning and teaching through narrative, through insights from individual peoples stories. The power of teaching and learning in this way is that Sync hasn't just skilled up individual leaders. When people share their stories and their insights you don't just learn from them you get to know them as people. You form a bond, you create a network. Sync hasn't just developed individual leaders it's created a group / a force / an army..."

"Hilary Carty... was talking about the importance of mainstream and specialist programmes. It made me realise that the challange isn't just about getting the balance right between specialist and inclusion it is also about getting the relationship between the two right."


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