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BSLBT Zoom Short Film Scheme

Thursday 26th November, 2009

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The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust and Neath Films aim to create opportunities for up and coming Deaf filmmakers. After a period of tendering, proposals and fine-tuning, we are pleased to present to you the BSLBT Zoom Short Film Scheme. Zoom is an intensive scheme to support the production of 6 short films, shot digitally, by British Deaf filmmaking talent.

The BSLBT and Neath Films will provide successful filmmakers with:

  • £2,000 of funding to make a short film up to 15 minutes in length

  • The opportunity to work over an intensive 1 month period with Neath Films to make their film

  • Standard production insurance cover

  • Production support

  • Post production support

  • Access to offline facilities

  • Access to high-end online post production facilities and talent

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enquiries: [email protected]


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