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Calling the dance?

Friday 11th December, 2009

some older people happily square dancing (like country dancing) - the women are dressed in full skirts and the men are wearing scarves at their necks.

Leading comes in all forms. What about leading dances?

We were asked if we could pass on the following call: COULD YOU BE A SQUARE DANCE CALLER?

Training is available at five-day residential caller schools, followed up by two years of support from a mentor. Scholarships to caller school are currently being offered to anyone who is willing to set up a club upon qualifying and teach beginners to Mainstream level. To be eligible to apply for the training, you must be thoroughly familiar with the modern square dance syllabus to at least Mainstream level and it would help if you are keen to recruit and teach younger people. If you need to start from scratch, visit for a list of teaching clubs.

They are really keen to ensure that disabled people are not exclude from dancing or calling so if you've always secretly fancied giving it a go - now is the time!

Initial enquiries should be addressed to Zoe Bremer on 0115-928 2896.

(And if you don't think this kind of stuff is for disabled people - check out the The Rhinestone Rollers on YouTube - its not square dancing exactly but its certainly breaking down stereotypes!)


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