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Want a notebook?

Thursday 13th January, 2011

photo of the sync notebook

We have just produced a notebook – perfect for your personal development notes as you continue your leadership journey. Scattered throughout, there are some thought provoking pushes, prompts and provocations to keep you thinking about the interface between leadership and disability as you go, drawn from the many voices and opinions that make up Sync.

As always there is a catch - you can't have one, you can only have two - one for you and one for someone you feel might benefit from finding out more about Sync (perhaps a disabled person or person with a long term health condition interested in leadership in the cultural sector, or someone who can help us spread the word).

Just drop your address, and the address of your suggested other person, to our administrator for this work, Lesley Miller at [email protected] and we can get these mailed out to you - perfect for welcoming you back to work after the festive season!


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