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What is Sync?

Sync is a big project that brings together disabled people who are interested in leading. The people in Sync work in museums, galleries, libraries, the arts and the media (newspapers, radio and television).

Sync is run by disabled people and provides lots of different information through this website with lots of things to read and look at. You can see all our members on the front page in the little squares. Sync is a place we can all say what we think about being a leader.

cartoon of the bulletins - standard and easy read versions

Sync Stuff

There are lots of different parts to this website.

Sync Stuff is where you can find interesting ideas (articles) and stories – (case studies) about disabled people who lead and their working lives.

Sync sends out a leadership or coaching newsletter (bulletin) once a month. These are about how to think about being a leader and about changing and challenging yourself to step into leading! You can also find these here.

When you sign up to be a member, these will arrive in your email inbox or letterbox can be sent to you in Easy Read. If you are disabled person interested or working in the above places and spaces, then Sync is for you.

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Access to Sync

Sync wants to be accessible to disabled people who like to have things said in easy ways and with easy pictures to help understand difficult things. The bulletins and articles all have easy read versions and the case studies are written in a way that we hope is simple and straight forward.

Sync also runs meetings, courses from time to time. We always explore people’s access as part of these things - we have used live scribes at meetings before - having someone draw pictures to help people understand things as we go along. We are always working hard to make things accessible and happy to talk to people about what they need.

We hope that this page works for you and you are now clearer about Sync’s work! If you are not and want a chat about it, we’re happy to do that, just let us know. You can find out how to contact us by using the contact page.

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