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What are you doing on 10th October?

Thursday 8th October, 2009

common purpose 360 logo (green square with with 360 in it)

The 10th October has been nominated as Common Purpose 360 Day - and there is an invitation for all to do one thing, big or small, to challenge the way you see the world...

The day is inspired by a quote from Einstein: “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

The call is to get people to think differently - by getting a different perspective. Their website suggests you could: * ask 3 people who live outside your area what their impressions are of it * go to a meeting or an event that you, and others who know you, would consider it unlikely for you to attend * meet someone who is actively campaigning or fighting for a change in your business or community * take yourself out for a cup of coffee/tea, sit for five minutes and reflect on your personal brand

It could be something on your own, or with others; simple or involved; online or face-to-face; local or international; something that takes you to an unfamiliar environment; something you wouldn't normally do. It’s up to you.

See what you get out of the experience - it may be a new insight into your world, or a solution to a problem you face. You may find some help and expertise from someone, somewhere or something that you didn't expect.

Why not visit the new-look 360 website for more suggestions from Common Purpose and to see examples from last year’s 360 Day?


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Saturday 10th October, 2009

Julie McNamara

We're marching on the LARGACTYL SHUFFLE...from Maudsley hospital to the Tate Modern!

This Saturday at 11.30am at the Maudsley Hospital main entrance, come and join Rosemary Shrager, Valerie Shawcross, Julie McNamara and all the staff, volunteers, trustees, participants, local Londoners and fellow walkers on the CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle Sponsored Walk in aid of getting a new building for CoolTan Arts and celebrating World Mental Health Day 2009.

To find out more go to Remember it's a day of fun, awareness of mental health and walking in London ending at the Tate modern.

We look forward to seeing you all there, don't forget to sponsor CoolTan at

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