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Making Waves: gesture-based communications system

Tuesday 18th January, 2011

pencil drawings of a body in motion

Communication is very important; for most people effective communication is a learned skill, but communication is also a basic human right.

Learners with disabilities may lack independence due to an inability to communicate by speech or due to a lack of motor control. If gestures could be easily learned, recognised and converted to digital data, a whole new world of opportunity would be opened to them. Gestures need not only be converted to text or audio output to be helpful to learners, they could also be converted to electronic command signals so that those with limited motor control can gain greater independence.

This SBRI competition aims to develop technologies which will ensure that learners with communication difficulties can:

  • function effectively and independently across the range of learning and living situations;
  • communicate needs / desires / feelings to other people without the need for an intermediary support worker - therefore without the need of another individual to support them; and,
  • evolve their communication skills, building up their vocabulary (in terms of translatable gestures) in response to changing life contexts or changes in physical mobility.

Application Process and supporting downloads

This competition is being run by JISC TechDis for more information and the application process please follow:

JISC TechDis Open date: 07 January 2011

Close date: 15 March 2011


Email: [email protected]

Call: 01904 717580 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 01904 717580


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