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Matt Jenkins

Matt Jenkins

Intern Interaction (Education)

What makes a good leader?

A great leader has a great team working behind them who give them their support and trust. Leadership style has to come from within. A good leader can influence, inspire, sell ideas, stay positive, have the right attitude, learn from others, reflect, and of course, has the ability to survive in the field of leadership.

Is leadership different for disabled people?

We shouldn’t use negative image of ourselves. It is time to move on and accept that we’re people with a difference who want to make an impact and a statement. We need to work out for ourselves how we can change the world as a team by working alongside others who recognise our skills of survival. Leadership is about being able to identity patterns, spot opportunities and make the connection between the two cultures which will come with practice, persistence and perspective. Put simply, our goal is to change the world for the better, and to make everyone out there aware of our existence.

Do you think there are barriers to leadership for disabled people that non-disabled people don't face?

We are who we are. Everyone, disabled and non-disabled, has their own barriers to overcome. We should consider ourselves lucky. We are different. We may be deaf or disabled people, but we can still take the leadership path and stand out from the crowd.