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Caroline Churchill

Caroline Churchill

Artist/Creative Facilitator

What makes a good leader?

A good leader is responding to the journey of the group being facilitated. It's assisting in the navigating and mapping out of that journey, with the group at the helm. It's a 2 way process; the leader learns loads as he/she shares her experience and inspires others to reflect on their skills, experience to fulfill their passion and potential.

Is leadership different for disabled people?

Everyone's experience of leadership is probably different and very personal to them. Experience of disability and adversity through illness can empower someone (eventually or at some stage) so they can be a great inspiration to others (disabled or not).

I actually feel more aware of barriers and inclusion since I have a disability myself, I hope making me a more empathetic leader.

Do you think there are barriers to leadership for disabled people that non-disabled people don’t face?

There needs to be more flexibility so that we can lead on our own terms and conditions (working environment, times of workshops etc), making it more accessible for leaders with disabilities to inspire and guide others.

There may also be confidence in your skills and mission that needs to be healed, due to exclusion.