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Marc Brew

Marc Brew

Performer, Choreographer and Teacher

What makes a good leader?

Having attended the DanceEast Rural Retreat 2008 - Future Directors and Creative Producers for Ballet and Dance it has become apparent to me just how important leadership qualities are in the creative and cultural industries. I believe a successful leader will have an open mind with good listening and communication skills, speaks with honestly and integrity, able to make clear decisions and be approachable with an open door policy.

Is leadership different for disabled people?

I don't think having an impairment or health issue changes the experience of leadership but maybe the way one accesses and shares these skills. It may be different depending on ones needs but this can have a positive impact as a leader with respect. We live in a diverse country that is an asset, contributing to the richness and growth of arts culture. Future leaders need to be nurtured and supported no matter what shape, size or form.

An individual's vision of themselves as a leader can be shaped by their experiences of exclusion and involvement as it may effect ones confidence, pride and feeling of self worth and ability to offer and share their experiences and knowledge with others which is what being a leader is about.

Do you think there are barriers to leadership for disabled people that non disabled people don’t face?

Yes, people’s preconceptions of what makes a good leader and what a leader should look like of traditional standards.

I believe there are limited opportunities for disabled artists in the cultural world: to grow, be challenged, supported and respected on the same level as their peers and I welcome the wonderful opportunity of Sync in opening the door to an exciting opportunity full of possibilities.