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Pauline Alexander

Pauline Alexander

Visual Artist and Disability Equality Trainer

What makes a good leader?

Some key leadership qualities are integrity and moral courage, self-awareness and humility, transparency and openness, clarity of vision, adaptability and flexibility, empathy and emotional engagement, energy, tenacity and resilience, decisiveness, wisdom and judgment, being inspirational, involving and affiliative, trustworthiness, respectful and resilience.

The majority of key leadership qualities are formed by a person who is committed to their own personal development, personal change, self-reflection, introspection. Any frequent external barriers,negativity and exclusion will be likely to impact on the healthy self-perception, self-esteem,and confidence of a person in some way at some level. Thus people with disabilities often acquire supreme qualities to overcome others'negativity, yet it can be hard to reassert a sense of self that is so often being negated in some way.

Do disabled people experience barriers to leadership that non disabled people don't experience?

Yes, attitudinal barriers will probably be the largest barrier.