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Sally Clay

Sally Clay

Music Development Officer, Sounds of Progress

What makes a good leader?

A leader is someone who makes a decision, however large or small, which has an impact on the lives of others. A good leader is someone who, through his/her decisions, inspires confidence, positivity and motivation in those people. He/she possesses the following skills: leads by example, knows when to lead and when to follow, has a good rapport with a team, is creative and innovative, can improvise when things go wrong and sees the importance of making mistakes, is a good mentor and understands the necessity to pass on skills to others, has confidence in himself and his abilities. * Understands the impact his decisions have on others, is not afraid to push the boundaries but knows when to stop and keeps the morale high within a group.

Do disabled people experience barriers to leadership that non disabled people don't experience?

Prejudice, social exclusion, fewer opportunities to adopt powerful roles in society.