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Caroline Cardus

Caroline Cardus


What makes a good leader?

A strategic planner with good communication skills, honesty and passion.

I’d say Tony Heaton - he’s able to articulate complex issues in a straightforward way and doesn’t hold with any nonsense!

Is leadership different for disabled people?

Yes. I believe there is a cultural side to shared experience of barriers and experiences of life, and believe a non-disabled person cannot imagine this. A disabled leader who has experienced barriers will be knowledgeable about where they exist.

Do disabled people experience barriers to leadership that non disabled people don’t experience?


The idea that a disabled person won’t have the same kind of provable track record, or may have been fast tracked because of impairment, not expertise.

The fear that if a disabled leader has health issues or communicates differently, or looks different, their intellectual ability and consistency may also be impaired.

The possibility that a disabled person is automatically assumed to be an expert on disability – instead of a non-disabled bodied person making the effort to engage with disability issues as well.