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Anonymous five

Anonymous five

Freelance Arts Consultant

What makes a good leader?

A good leader is a motivated and capable individual with integrity who can inspire others through their vision, passion and ability to engender trust. Importantly, it is also about their willingness to make difficult decisions as well as learn and share experiences about their mistakes and successes with a positive outlook.

Is leadership different for disabled people?

Having a disability definitely changes the experience of leadership as it is a constant reminder of vulnerability and difference, especially when the 'issue' is not always visible. If one is disabled, Black/Asian etc.. and a 'mid-career' woman, the 'triple ceiling’ can knock confidence and ambition...but only if one allows it to. A sense of humour is a must!

Do disabled people experience barriers to leadership that non disabled people don’t experience?

Given the lack of awareness that surrounds the disability spectrum, the fact that e.g. chronic or progressive illnesses have no clear cut-off point, compounded by myths about how they are best managed, creates a clear disadvantage in trying to assess willingness to invest in a prospective leader with 'issues'.