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Penny Pepper

Penny Pepper


What makes a good leader?

A good leader is a good communicator. Someone who can listen but who also knows when to speak out. Good leadership is not about being good at everything, the dreary nuts and bolts, but knowing how people tick. Also, being brave when that is required - not afraid to have a provocative opinion and to stay with it.

Is leadership different for disabled people?

Historically disabled people have not been encouraged to believe they have leaderships qualities, and this has lead us in the past to unwillingly accept a passive role. However, by the nature of our being as people with impairments, we have crucial skills and a unique understanding of what leadership can mean, that broadens the scope of leadership.

Do disabled people experience barriers to leadership that non disabled people don’t experience?

Having a disability means to experience entrenched barriers, which hinder progress within any mainstream structure that might nurture standard leaderships skills. We cannot compete in these terms. We come from backgrounds of exclusion and isolation, yet our perspectives can be revolutionary and energising, when these old fashioned rigid systems are brave enough to support us and allow us in.