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Marion Barnett

Marion Barnett


What makes a good leader?

Someone who enables everyone around them to do more, do better, do smarter. Who walks the talk. Who leads by example. Who works with people in the best way for them. Who listens actively, and questions proactively. Who is passionate about his/her work, and fires others to find their own passion and run with it.

Do disabled people experience leadership differently?

My health issue, chronic depression, shapes who I am and how I work with people. That said, when I facilitate groups, I find that nobody realises that I have that issue... I think an individual's sense of self is shaped by their experiences, and that has to shape their vision of themselves as a leader. Being excluded is only my issue if I allow it to be; the loss is on the part of those doing the excluding.

Do disabled people experience barriers to leadership that non disabled people don’t experience?

I think that stereotyping is an issue for everyone, and the expectations that people have of others are often shaped by those stereotypes. That is only a barrier if I allow it to be.