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Rachel Stelmach

Rachel Stelmach

Projects Manager - DASH Ceredigion and Disability Equality Trainer - Bluehook

What makes a good leader?

A good leader inspires in a multitude of different ways - no two have exactly the same slant, we are all formed by our own experiences of being led and leading, of observing others in leadership, etc. The secret of good leadership is being true to one's own unique mix of influences, not trying to ape another person's style or method of leadership.

Is leadership different for disabled people?

It's all down to attitude. Our society is still full of prejudice when it comes to disability. To be leaders in any sphere outside a pure disability context, we have to be 'more so' in everything we do - more inspiring, more dedicated, more determined, more able to shake off other people's prejudices. It can be hard not to become so hardened to it that you shut off to all possible vulnerabilities and to be vulnerable is just to be human, so we shouldn't ever lose that.