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Paula Garfield

Paula Garfield

Artistic Director, Deafinately Theatre

I think most of us disabled people went to either mainstream, special school or a PHU (Partially Hearing Unit). Some of those education routes are good but some are not. Some teachers might not very encouraging deaf and disabled people to think of themselves as a leader or to think of becoming a leader.

At my school, I was bottom of most classes as couldn’t follow most of the lessons as I believe I have dyslexia (there is still no official test for deaf people to see if he/her have dyslexia) So many disabled people are not very encouraged to become leaders. Disabled people need to be very confident but also they can work in teams, can share skills with a group, can show respect, have good communication skills, are willing to take risks and can be useful, I think.

Leaders have motives, passion, energy and are full of ideas – this can motivate the team. It can be hard for other people to see disabled people as leaders. Because of this able bodied people can not see or understand why disabled people want to be leaders.